Sunday, January 23, 2011


Heck, I don't mind going back to the Caribbean, especially in the dead of winter. Someone's got to fill those mega-cruise ships, right? Here are some of my favorite activities:

1. reading on deck

2. soaking up tropical beauty

3. shopping, till Al drops

Can't wait for next time!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Story Coming Soon!

"The Seventh Sleeve of Tombaugh" is about a man who joins a mission to Pluto to escape the masses of humanity, only to find out the secret truth about Pluto and what this secret will mean to humanity's future.

This is the story I sold while being a writer on the road (see my post from October 28, 2010). Look for it soon in the anthology Alien Aberrations, which should be available from your favorite bookstore.

ALIEN ABERRATIONS, edited by Stephen R. Pastore

Original cover art by Stephen Bryant

Publisher: Grand Mal Press

ISBN: 9780982945919

The Table of Contents:

  • The Greylings' Song by Allison Littlewood
  • Omega by Randy Chandler
  • Second Chance by Zoot Campbell
  • What Lies Beneath by Faith Kauwe
  • The Nuclear Lamentation by David Dunwoody
  • The Seventh Sleeve of Tombaugh by Rebecca S.W. Bates
  • The Kleptos by Ryan C. Thomas
  • Greetings by John Bushore
  • Sunnyville by Alex Leopardi
  • Love Cubed by Jay French
  • Pokey Bear by Y.B. Cats
  • One Hunch is as Good As Another by Patrick Rutigliano
  • The Nest by Gregory L. Norris
  • Allies by Christopher Daonahue
  • Getting Used To It by Patrick Flanagan