Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dazzling Dozen--since 1980

Last weekend I was on the Dazzling Dozen panel at MileHiCon, and we were asked to come up with a list of 12 gems, science fiction short stories since 1980. I love lists! But it was really hard--hard to limit my list only to 12 that covered a period of 31 years. So I ended up choosing the 12 stories that have haunted me the most. Some of them are well known and have won various awards, but mostly they're just the stories that have affected me the most. Here they are:

1. Robert F. Young. “The Summer of the Fallen Star,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1981

2. Octavia Butler. “Bloodchild,” Asimov's, 1984.

3. Roger MacBride Allen. “A Hole in the Sun,” Analog, April, 1987.

4. Connie Willis. “Cibola,” Asimov’s, December 1990.

5. Nancy Kress. “Beggars in Spain,” Asimov’s, April, 1991

6. Arthur C. Clarke. “The Hammer of God,” Time, Sept. 28, 1992

7. Mike Resnick. “Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct./Nov. 1994

8. Paolo Bacigalupi. “The Fluted Girl,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, June, 2003.

9. Robert J. Sawyer. “Shed Skin,” Analog, Jan./Feb. 2004.

10. Carol Emshwiller. “I Live with You,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2005

11. Jack Skillingstead. “Life on the Preservation,” Asimov’s, June 2006.

12. Kathleen Ann Goonan. “Memory dog,” Asimov’s, April/May, 2008

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Publisher!

I have a new publisher, D.M. Kreg Publishing, who is bringing out two of my books in the next few months!

The first one, Murder in the Dojo, is due out in early November under my pen name Sue Star. It's a light-hearted traditional mystery about a menopausal suburban mother of a teenager. Mom becomes the karate instructor in a down-and-out dojo only to find that it isn't just her family who disapproves--someone will do anything, even murder, to keep her from taking that job.

An electronic version is already available at your favorite bookstore, and the trade paperback edition will be out soon.

You can find more information at the publisher's website: